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The 2020 Jonesboro mayoral election can be a turning point to greatness or a stay in the status quo where budgets go over, projects go unfinished, growth lags and crime remains rampant in our community. This is the movement of the next generation – the generation that repairs the reputation of local government — the era when citizens are proud of their local leaders and proudly pay their local taxes because they know and understand the vital role that the local government has in our community.

The three T’s of my campaign are not just a catchphrase. 

They are important pillars of my approach to city leadership.


In recent years, secrecy, closed-door politics and a lack of accountability have eroded the public trust in Jonesboro’s city hall. That is why rebuilding faith between the city and its leadership is central to my campaign. It begins with me. As your mayor, I will work tirelessly to create a government that answers directly to the people and is honest and worthy of your TRUST in all affairs.


It should never be the taxpayers’ responsibility to root out corruption. As your mayor, I will introduce meaningful accountability measures that will allow you to see exactly where your money is spent and how local decisions are made. TRANSPARENCY is vital to giving the people both a voice and a stake in what’s happening in Jonesboro.


As a former athlete at both the collegiate and professional level, I often use sports analogies to help simplify complex issues. But there is no simpler comparison than the principle of teamwork.

A team is a unit. It brings together the strengths of many players in order to achieve a greater goal than one could alone. TEAMWORK means that as your mayor, I will strive to create dialogues between city leadership, law enforcement, community and faith-based organizations and other stakeholders that build upon the individual strengths of those players to create a better and brighter future for Jonesboro.

Andy Shatley

Mayor Candidate

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